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What Type of Remote Start is right for you?
All remote start systems function in similar ways.  What sets one remote start apart from another is really the antenna system and the data interface system.  We use only the best data interface systems.  There are several options for antenna systems.  We have one-way systems, two-way systems, and smart phone systems (telematic systems).  We also offer systems that use the factory remote to start the vehicle.  When using the factory remote we often add a telematic system as well.
One-Way antenna systems
The most basic of our antenna systems is the one-way system.  A one-way system functions similarly to a factory remote, with the added benefit of more range.  The remote sends a command, the vehicle receives the command and executes the selected function.

Two-Way antenna systems
A two-way system functions similarly to a one-way system, but with the added benefit of the vehicle responding back to the remote to confirm the selected function.  The vehicle lets you know it received the lock command, unlock command, trunk release command, or remote start command.  Our two-way systems will also let you know the vehicle is running and when it shuts down.  Two-way remote systems also have extended range.  We offer a few two-way remote packages with ranges anywhere between 2000ft and a mile or more.
Smartphone system
Our telematic systems give you the option of starting your vehicle from an app on your phone.  This extends the range of your remote start system to almost anywhere in the world.  If your phone has wi-fi or cellular coverage and your vehicle is within a cellular network, you will have control over your remote start system and all its functionality.  This is particularly convenient for people who work downtown, at hospitals, airports, or need exceptionally long range.  Let’s face it we all carry our phones almost everywhere, why not use it to start your vehicle.  There is a yearly subscription fee associated with telematic systems.  Typically $60/year.

6 Benefits to Having a Remote Starter System Installed
1.  Heat in the winter
When most people hear remote start, they think of winter time. Remote starters are most popular in colder climates, where they can be used to heat the interior of your vehicle while defrosting the windows. This eliminates the need to scrape your windows, and having to sit in an ice-cold car waiting for it to warm up.
2.  A/C in the summer
Having a remote starter can also be beneficial in the summer as well.  On a 90° sunny day your car’s temperature can get over 140°.  In these conditions a remote starter can be beneficial as it allows your car to cool down before entry. No more burning yourself on that hot seat or steering wheel.
3.  Better range and options than factory remotes
Your vehicle may have come with remote start from the factory. If this is the case, you have probably noticed the limited range of your factory remote. An aftermarket remote start system will allow you to add additional remotes that will extend the range. Range can be extended up to 1-mile via remote and unlimited when adding smartphone control.
Your factory remote most likely has 1-way communication, which means you can send a command but you will not receive confirmation on if that command was successful or not. With the addition of an aftermarket remote, you can reap the benefits of having 2-way communication. This will allow you to get confirmation on the remote that your vehicle performed the command that you sent to it. 
4.  Use your smartphone to control your vehicle
Most remote starter systems are customizable and there are many items and features that can be added. One of these items is a smartphone module. There are several products that will allow you to use your smartphone to communicate with your vehicle. You will be able to start your vehicle form practically anywhere with a cellular connection.
5.  Add-on security features
Most remote start systems also allow you to add security features.  Shock sensors, door/trunk triggers, and sirens can all be added on to protect every corner of your vehicle.  Protecting your vehicle and your items inside is very important, so adding extra security features can be highly beneficial.
6. Resale value
If you ever decide to sell your vehicle, a remote start and/or security system can increase the value.  Many people seek the comfort and convenience of having a remote starter system.

Do you have a Manual Transmission?
With some of the recent advances in remote start integration, manual transmission vehicles are now easier and safer than ever to upgrade with a remote start.  There is however some extra work and extra parts required.  Please don’t hesitate to ask about your manual transmission vehicle.  We have the expertise to help make what was considered dangerous in the past, a safe and affordable option.
European Vehicles
Do you own a European vehicle?  While many installers fear working with European vehicles, we specialize in remote starter systems for European vehicles.  We gladly accept the challenge typically associated with these vehicles.  Our MECP master certified tech has extensive experience with many European vehicles, as well as some of the less common more exotic vehicles.  Please don’t hesitate to give us a call and inquire about a remote start solution for your European vehicles.
Advanced remote start systems and modern vehicles
Remote start systems have made huge technical advancements in the last few years, mainly due to the incredible advancements made with modern vehicles.  In theory a remote start system is an incredibly simple piece of equipment, but with advances in vehicle security and function a typical remote start must now be an incredibly “smart” device.  Wheels to Waves uses only the best remote start systems and peripheral accessories available.  From the simplest system we offer to the our most advanced package; quality, safety, reliability, and ease of use are our number top priorities.  A properly installed remote start will not negatively impact the function of a vehicle in any way.  Through advancements in firmware (the code a remote start uses to communicate with the vehicles computer system) a remote start can be fully integrated into many factory systems allowing for seamless integration with the vehicle.
Remote starts and your factory warranty
A common question we receive about remote start systems is, will this alter or void my vehicles factory warranty?  The short answer and best answer is NO.  Protections are in place through the Magnuson-Moss warranty act to protect your manufactures warranty.  If a remote start were to cause damage to a vehicle, which is exceptionally rare (we’ve never experienced a remote start damaging a vehicle), our warranty would cover any damages and costs associated with the repair.
We pride ourselves on installation technique at Wheels to Waves.  Under the guidance of a MECP master certified lead tech our installation technicians use only tried and true techniques.  We will verify proper function of all vehicle systems before an installation begins.  We solder all connections and use only the best quality hardware associated with remote start installs.  Vehicle safety equipment such as knee bolsters and airbags are never compromised in any way.  We use techniques that ensure reliable and repeatable operation of your remote start system.  When an installation is finished we will verify proper function of all vehicle systems as well as all remote start functions, and how they interact with the vehicles systems.
At Wheels to Waves we warranty all our remote systems for the life of your vehicle.  What does that mean exactly?  We guarantee proper remote start functionality for as long as you own your vehicle.  That includes proper functionality of the “brain”, data modules, wiring, peripheral accessories, and the antenna system.  We will honor the manufacture warranty on the remotes for your remote start system.  The remote start systems we sell are a high-quality products and although the remotes are of equal quality, they are subject to several environmental stresses out of our control.  The remotes we sell are made to handle the stresses we throw at them, but life can happen.  A properly cared for remote will last years and years without fail.

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