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Dave Allen
Greg Powell
A lifelong tinkerer of electronics, speakers, audio systems, and other such gadgets, I love sharing my knowledge on the things I am passionate about with clients and seeing their satisfaction and happiness in the end product.  I was raised in a family of entrepreneurs and have wanted my own stereo shop since I can remember.  I finally realized that dream in 2009 but the vision has continued to morph, and there are much bigger things to come.

I’ve had a fairly diverse career path, but for some reason or another, it has always revolved around audio, video, and/or electronics.  From my degree in Audio Engineering that fed years of work in the professional audio industry to the past nine years of boot-strapping and building every facet of Wheels to Waves, I feel that I’ve spent significant time in most every role there is. 

I go from salesperson to book keeper to installer in the blink of an eye…did I mention I’ve installed professionally for over 20 years?  I split most of my time between home audio/video installs, marine audio & electronics, and remote car starters, but any gaps are always filled with food truck electronics, car stereos, or other bizarre jobs I get inquiries about.  I’m also no stranger to building sales by niche marketing and working closely with marinas, dealerships, and other commercial accounts.

One thing I cherish more than anything in life is my family.  My daughters are in 2nd and 3rd grade and they’re a huge part of my happiness!  We enjoy camping, hiking, and spending time on the lake during the summer and we do indoor water parks and movie nights often in the winter months.  When I’m not with my girls, I’m usually working in some way or another.
I started my passion for building audio systems for my cars in high school and after hearing my systems, my friends wanted me to install their audio systems as well.  My passion only grew from there.

Shortly after college I had a new family and a beautiful baby girl, so I decided to go back to school to earn an Airframe and Powerplant certificate.  To help support my family while attending school, I started working as an Install tech at Best Buy.  The aviation industry went through some tough times and I ended up staying on as an install tech with Best Buy.

At Best Buy I had the opportunity to train with top-level installers and within a year I was MECP certified.  Four years later I was one of less than one hundred MECP Master certified techs in the world.  I have maintained my master level certification and continue to be one of only about 200 MECP master certified techs in the World.  At one point I was MECP master certified, NMEA electrical installer certified, ABYC electrical certified, and ASE electrical certified concurrently.  I still hold a MECP master certificate and ABYC electrical certificate.  Through the years I have had the opportunity to train many install techs from install bays throughout the Midwest.  Our install bay remained a top performing shop throughout my tenure at Best Buy as well.

After seventeen years with Best Buy, my wife has an amazing career as a director of nursing at a premium assisted living facility, my daughter is attending the School of Engineering at the University of Minnesota, and my family is now encouraging me to let the world see my full potential.  It’s time for me to take my career to the next level and put my many years of experience to work for Wheels to Waves.